Evaluation of Voice Disorders (90 minutes)

Singers, Voice teachers and speech pathologists can all benefit from a basic knowledge of voice disorders. This 90 minute lecture covers the differential diagnostic process and provides a pathology decision tree.

Motor Learning in Singing (90 Minutes)

What is motor learning and how can we encourage best practices to facilitate the learning process in singing? Heidi Moss Erickson (performer, teacher and scientist) provides a detailed primer of neuroscience and motor learning, leading to practical applications in the studio.

Endoscopic Interpretation: Part II (60 minutes)

Continue the diagnostic journey with Ms. Obert as she takes viewers through the nasopharynx, oropharynx and laryngopharynx. Learn about stroboscopic analysis and scope of practice limitations.

Laryngeal Tilt and Beyond (30 minutes)

Research indicates that the cricothryoid muscle may not function as we once thought. Join Helen Rowson and her colleague, Andrea Ramirez, in this interesting literature review of the cricothyroid muscle, associated joint types and other mechanisms of pitch change.